Quest Developers        

To create stories, quests and generally bring the world to life with information.

To help create direction and purpose for what things are the way they are.

To occasionally assist with mapping when new projects arise.

World Developers

To map new towns and areas for use in the game.

To do remap interiors of houses for players.

To ensure the world has a consistent flow and fix mapping errors if and when they arise.

Sprite Artists are also World Developers.


Quest Manager

Most of the boxes are pretty straight forward. However some aren't.


Legacy Quests must NOT be repeatable.

When doing a Quest Requirement you must put the NPC name not the quest name.


Parameter is the target for example

Hunting it is set up as  Slime:10  to make you kill 10 slime.

Social you would just put the NPC name

Gathering you would put it as Long Sword:5

Mob Editor.PNG
NPC/MOB Editor

The important points of the Mob editor are that Type 2 are NPC and Type 1 are Monster


The order of drops is important the lower on the list, the higher priority.

Don't put more than 5 drops per monster as it will error.

Never delete a mob/npc. Ask Gennova and he will do it for you. The X button is the delete button.

Be careful how a mob is named. If the last part of a monster's name is a Monster in its own right, the stats will bleed. For Example. Slime Omega isnt Omega Slime because it was bleeding stats with Mega Slime.

map editor.PNG
World Editor

Stick to the plans Gennova or Jer introduce to you


New areas are considered top secret until Jer or Gennova have approved them for release.

Keep your maps consistent. Make sure the maps match up, if there is a tree on an edge put it on the edge of the next screen. There is no excuse for sloppy mapping.


When creating an exit to an indoor map make the co-ords the current map and but  for exit one put A and Exit 2 put B, etc.    For Example. if the map is x100y100 then the indoor coords for exit1 will be xA100yA100  Exit2 will be xB100yB100

When mapping the inside place an A infront of current co-ords and save the map, then map the inside around that, keeping its theme consistent.

Save often.

Never warp a Game Master, Quest Developer or World Developer as they may be in editor and you may screw up any work they've done.