To ensure players are respectful to other players and staff members.


To punish those who are creating a toxic environment for other players.


To help players figure out quests, learn prices or how to do skills, and anything else required of the game.

Guides rank above Developers when it comes to issues of punishment. Please do not argue in broadcast if issues arrive. Do it in private or bring it up to Gennova at a later time..



If a player is bothering players the first step is to give them a warning.

Once a warning has been given if they continue, either a jail or a mute is in order. Usually you would mute first, however if the player is constantly a problem then using your own discretion you can jail first. Once you've punished a player post it in the punishment section of the discord for the other staff member to know.

 If a player attempts to avoid punishment by logging other accounts or creating new characters, apply the punishment to those characters and notify Gennova or Jer.                                    


/mute  name     

/voice name

/kick name

/jail name

/release name                                                                                     


This will mute the player named for 10 minutes

This will remove the mute from the player early

This will kick a player from the server, forcing them to relog.

This will send a player to jail

This will release a player from jail. You may also use this to get a player unstuck