The Games

Rise of the Chosen - FSOS/HOFS         

Rise of the Chosen, is a turn based strategy game. Using a party of 5, you canbattle the hordes, travel to different towns, solve mazes and puzzles, encounter a multitude of different enemies, finish quests, become the arena champions, engage in epic pvp battles and collect the 16 orbs of power to restore the world to order.


Dark World - FSO Classic

Dark World is stylized after the classic FSO game. Level skills, engage in riveting real time pvp, complete quests, and strive to be the number one player on the server.


Redemption - FSO3

Redemption is modeled after the First Star Online 3 engine, we've made some tweaks to make each character a bit more unique in its options for spells, items and equipment, and to make each of these feel powerful. It is currently offline until further notice as we have encountered some issues with it.


Name to be Announced- ???

We currently have no information to give players about this title however it is a project that is currently in development.