Light Health Potion
Level 1-2
Light Healing Potion
Level 2-4
Health Potion
Level 4-8
Strong Health Potion
Level 8-16
Strong Healing Potion
Level 16-32
Light Mana Potion
Level 1-2
Mana Potion
Level 15-30
Strong Mana Potion
Level 32-64
Potion of Rejuvenation
Level 50-100
Potion of Purity
Level 55-110
Potion of Quickness
Level 60-120
Potion of Protection
Level 5-10
Potion of Dodge
Level 5-10
Potion of Precision
Level 1 - 2
Argon's Potion
Level 25-50
Thunder Potion
Level 25-50
Strength Pill
Level 60-120
Intelligence Pill
Level 60-120
Aim Pill
Level 60-120
Vital Pill
Level 70-140
Star Crystals
Level 100-200
Experience Charm
Level 3-6
1Hr 125 EXP Scroll
Level 5-10
1Hr 150 EXP Scroll
Level 10-20
1Hr 175 EXP Scroll
Level 20-40
2Hr 150 EXP Scroll
Level 30-60
2Hr 175 EXP Scroll
Level 50-100
Advancement Pill
Level 75-150
Advancement Pill Lv.2
Level 85-170
Breakthrough Pill
Level 80-16
Breakthrough Pill Lv.2
Level 90-180
Breakthrough Pill Lv.3
Level 99-198
Super Pill
Level 100-200


Elderberry*2 Trout*2 Empty Bottle*1
Elderberry*5 Trout*5 Empty Bottle*1
Elderberry*10 Trout*10 Empty Bottle*1
Elderberry*15 Trout*15 Empty Bottle*1
Elderberry*20 Trout*20 Dragon's Tongue*5 Empty Bottle*1
Lavender*5 Trout*5 Empty Bottle*1
Lavender*10 Trout*10 Empty Bottle*1
Lavender*15 Trout*15 Dragon's Tongue*5 Empty Bottle*1
Strong Healing Potion*2 Strong Mana Potion*2 Dragon's Tongue*10 Empty Bottle*1
Lavender*10 Juniper*10 Fensel Fish*10 Kabo Fish*10 Empty Bottle*1
Fensel Fish*10 Kabo Fish*10 Valerian*10 Magnolia*10 Empty Bottle*1
Fensel Fish*30 Valerian*20 Empty Bottle*1
Fensel Fish*10 Valerian*5 Empty Bottle*1
Swordfish*10 Magnolia*10 Empty Bottle*1
Swordfish*35 Magnolia*25 Valerian*20 Empty Bottle*1
Swordfish*35 Magnolia*30 Valerian*5 Empty Bottle*1
Trout*355 Magnolia*240 Valerian*160 Fensel Fish*130 Dragon's Tongue*250 
Kabo Fish*144 Magnolia*240 Juniper*160 Fensel Fish*130 Dragon's Tongue*250
Kabo Fish*190 Valerian*240 Juniper*160 Swordfish*130 Dragon's Tongue*250
Advancement Pill*1 Strength Pill*1 Intelligence Pill*1 Aim Pill*1 Dragon's Tongue*500
Experience Charm*1 Blank Scroll*1
Experience Charm*2 Blank Scroll*1
Experience Charm*4 Blank Scroll*1
1Hr 150 Exp Scroll*2 Blank Scroll*1
1Hr 175 Exp Scroll*2 Blank Scroll*1
2Hr 150 Exp Scroll*1 Strength Pill*1 Intelligence Pill*1 Aim Pill*1
Advancement Pill*2 Dragon's Tongue*500
Advancement Pill Level Two*1 Strength Pill*3 Intelligence Pill*3 Aim Pill*3
Breakthrough Pill*3 Dragon's Tongue*1000
Breakthrough Pill Level Two*3 Dragon's Tongue*5000 Valerian*1000 Magnolia*2500
Breakthrough Pill Level Three*3
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