Release Date Set In Stone

We are coming at you guys today to announce that the release of Dark World has been set for Saturday April 18, 2020, and we are planning to make the release a PARTY!! We've got events lines up all weekend, including some exclusive content for those who play this weekend.

In Rise of the Chosen we have released the Chaos Expansion. We have lowered the requirement for all the crafting skills. Removed the ONE TIME ONLY, from most of the in game hirelings. Lowered the Guild Point Requirement for Guild Upgrades. Cheapened the items in the donate shop, the crafting materials shop, and the guild upgrade shop. We have returned access to the Pokemon hirelings for this weekend. We have some events lined up all weekend, and starting now, there is a 1.5x exp/drop rate bonus, as well as lowered chance of Stat ups. The Pokemon and the bonus exp/drops will last until monday atleast.

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