There Has Been Some Confusion

There has been some confusion about Subscription services, and whether we are Pay to Play or not. Let this post try to clear some things up for you guys. Dark World and Rise of the Chosen will ALWAYS be Free To Play. Anyone can play and enjoy the entirety of the game for free. There are Item Malls, and Subscription Services for both however. The Item malls contain items that players can pay for, there are, in game, other ways for our Free to Play members to acquire them. It might take a bit more work to get them, but there are avenues to do so. Avenues such as, buy from players, engage in the Refer-A-Friend program and gain credit to pay for it, or when the black markets begin opening up, you might be able to buy an item here or there you might have interest in. The Subscriptions are not mandatory in any way. They offer players a way to speed up their progression, or cosmetic items that might not be available in other ways.

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