FSOGaming Re-Imaginined

We're currently going through the process of changing how the FSOGaming website, and our games will be presented. I'll go through most of the changes here for everyone.

Website- We have changed how purchases can be made, removing our website payments and reverting to our older method of providing you all with my paypal account. For now you can contact me via discord to find out exactly what you can get and use this link to pay for it paypal.me/Gennova10

Dark World- We are curently contemplating a complete server wipe, in order to rebalance the game and allow changes to be made to the world. We are also ACTIVELY looking for people to make quests and do mapping for the world. If you wish to be of help please contact me on discord.

Rise of the Chosen- We are nearing the end of the story line, the 16th orb is being worked on, we are beginning work on polishing the world up, and making it more beautiful, more user friendly and more quality of life features added. However gameplay after the 16th orb will be very scare in coming.

Unnamed Game- This will be Rise of the Chosen's successor, it will be completely wiped, will use much the same source/server as rise, but will be polished, and begin from the ground up. There will be several major "twists" to it as well which we hope will make it an FSOS the likes of which you've never seen before.

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